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Maintenance and Watering Tips for Your Tulsa Lawn

Tulsa sprinkler head repair and irrigation systems maintenance in the spring, have your Tulsa irrigation and sprinkler company perform a diagnostic on your sprinkler system, including sprinkler heads and your main control unit. This way, any sprinkler repair will be done before the heavy watering season begins. In the summer, closely monitor your system and occasionally watch the system at work – heads may be leaking or broken. This can be a cause higher water bills and can lead to more expensive servicing.

Just before winter, shut down your system, only watering the lawn once every winter month. Make sure to cover your out-of-ground sprinkler piping with a weatherproof cover bag.

Oklahoma State University (OSU) Extension recommends, at the peak of the hot season, that you water your Tulsa lawn every other day to a six-inch depth. This will conserve water and keep your lawn alive, although it may be brown in color.